Like most magicians, Dave was born at a very early age ..... At Maleny, in Queensland. And like most magicians, Dave had friends of the family who did magic tricks whenever he visited them. However, Dave’s interest in magic didn't spark till he was seventeen. He had his first job, first car, first girlfriend (although she didn't know about it) and his first holiday on his own. He set off to discover the real world, heading for the "big smoke" in Sydney.

That trip made some profound changes to Dave’s lifestyle. He became a vegetarian (and still is). Being nearly old enough to vote forced him to consider his values and ethics, and to accept responsibilities about the world we live in. And then he found a Magic Shop. He bought a couple of simple effects, and was hooked. Soon Dave’s hobby became an income, developing over a few years to the point where he had so much work that he had to quit his "real" job in June 1984. Since then, Magic has been Dave's sole source of income to this very day.

Dave has studied for an Assoc. Diploma in Creative Arts, at the Brisbane College of Advanced Education, majoring in Drama and Photography. Unfortunately he never completed the course due to ”Frazer's Razor Gang" abolishing not only the course, but the whole Department. Dave gained a HIGH DISTINCTION for the work he did in Drama and Dance.

Dave has been privileged to work as support act for artists like: The Monkees, James Taylor, Michael Jackson, Normie Rowe, Bruce Springsteen, and Disney on Ice.

Dave Lord is Dressed by:

Robot menswear

Menswear, Sydney